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documents relating to broomfield house and park

Conservation Management Plan - June 2016
Available on the Council website here. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the significance of the House, Stables and Park to provide information of the relative value or significance of the component parts of the heritage assets. It is a very detailed report intended to provide the basis of a long term maintenance and management strategy for the Park.

Gazetteer Annexe - March 2016
The Gazetteer annex to the Conservation Management  Plan. This 277 page paper covers every known feature in the Park, including ones of which only the faintest signs now exist and which would need further research, including by archaeologists, to understand.  There are short notes on description, background, significance and any management action suggested for each item, photographs and location maps.

Long List Options - January 2016
The Long List Options document draws on the CMP, the outcome of the public consultation which ran to November 2015, the Market analysis and the Options Appraisal and considers and evaluates a wide variety of options, concluding that the best fit is that of an arts based community use, likely involving artist studio and workshop space in the stableyard, and possibly in the house,  with parts of the House and stables open periodically for public viewing, and with some rooms in the House open more regularly or available for public hire, displays etc. Also included in this paper are sketches showing how much of the House could be new build.

Update Report - January 2016
The January 2016 Update report might better be identified as an interim report, and is perhaps less informative than the Report on Options. This report considers the objectives and finance of the project and risks to it. The objectives are set as Restoration, Public Access and Viability. It focuses on the reduced list of options and shows how they fit with the objectives. The paper then compares the financial profiles of each option. It includes a baseline business model (including a café, rentable space and a degree of heritage interpretation), capital costs, comparative discounted cash flows for the various models, and then runs a risk assessment on them. It concludes (albeit with a number of caveats) that restoration and part re-build of the House and artist’s studios in the stableyard as enabling development are the preferred solutions. This paper takes in to account the comprehensive market analysis.

Cost Model - June 2016
This covers in detail the refurbishment/rebuild costs for Broomfield House, the stableyard buildings and four options for their use, the demolition of the row of 1960’s houses in the stableyard and (should it come to it) for the demolition of Broomfield House itself.  View this on the Council website here.

Broomfield House Project Board
Mission statement, Terms of Reference and Membership (Jan 2015)
you may download this PDF here

The Significance of the House and Park
Report on Broomfield House by the Paul Drury Partnership (July 2009)
you may download this comprehensive 45-page report (PDF) here

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